GSM module Altox WBUS-5 EN (for Webasto heaters).
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GSM module Altox WBUS-5 EN (for Webasto heaters).


Using Altox system you can control your starting pre-heater remotely using a phone. You can use any mobile phone and landline phones with a tone dialing option as control devices. Certain types of mobile phones (smart phones) can use apps and the option of using Web interface to control the system in the real-time mode using mobile Internet-application ALTOX HEATER.

- Control of Webasto heaters using W-bus protocol

- Switching a heater on from the car's interior via a button

- Scanning and deleting of Webasto heater's errors


   GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-5 is designed to control autonomous car heaters Webasto using W-bus digital protocol, а as well as to control any other autonomous heaters using analogous signal. GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-5 allows switching on all Webasto heaters supported by the original software Webasto Thermo Test (heaters with L-shaped and single board electronic control units without any re-flashing, autonomous heaters and auxiliary heaters, new units ТТVevo, units TTV, TTC from Т5, Т5GP, Q7, etc.).

   GSM control module Webasto ALTOX WBUS-5 allows controlling autonomous heaters using a mobile phone (setting up a voice call from the phone number saved in the device and pressing the corresponding button on the mobile phone or sending a text message (SMS) and the additional button installed in the car's interior. An option was added to switch off the voice menu (all incoming calls are dropped) which allows saving balance on the SIM card.

   GSM control module ALTOX WBUS-5 can also be controlled via mobile Internet-application ALTOX HEATER or via other mobile apps HeaterRC and Thermo Call (SMS instructions, START, STOP, etc.).

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